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Assignment Questions

Exploration of the Story Two Kinds by Amy Tam

– This paper is based on –Two Kinds– by Amy Tan. It can be found at http://www.angelfire.com/ma/MyGuardianangels/index11.html
– There should be 4 pages. Press next till the end of the story.
– Analyze and interpret a significant theme explored by the author within the story.
– The paper should include what author may want readers to understand or believe about our lives.
– Make and support a literary argument about a significant message or lesson communicated in the short story.
– Begin with a clear thesis statement and support it with evidence- direct quotes or paraphrases from the story, relevant biographical information about the author, historical or political background information, other critics’ thoughts.
– Cite page numbers throughout and include a Works Cited page that shows all sources used.
– ntroduction should include the author’s name and the title of the short story.
– Use the present tense when referring to the events of the story, but make sure not to simply synopsize or summarize.
– This paper should demonstrate original critical thinking and will be organized and developed in a sophisticated way.
– Pay attention to vocabulary and to sentence variety.
– Follow the manuscript format.

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