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Assignment Questions

Expository Essay About the Relevance of Facts in Life

This is an expository/persuasive essay of approx. 1200 words.

1. An attachment is being sent of an earlier essay that got a high score. However to achieve a higher score, more detail is required.
2. More references as to how social/historical and cultural context is embodied in the text e.g. the Victorian era at the time.
3. Include understanding of the ways in which the text is open to different interpretations.
3. Use of more short quotes in each para.
4. More on Tom Gradgrind and also perhaps introduce another character in the essay.
5. The use of metalanguage as used by the author e.g. narrative perspective, authorial intrusion, settings, symbolism, imagery, metaphors, first person narrative, third person narrative etc.
6. As well as the use of metalanguage WORDS is required e.g. tone of the author, archetype, metaphor, contention, characterisation, first/second/third person narrative, dialogue, monologue, nomenclature, rhetoric, protagonist, settings, symbolism, imagery.
7. The last para (conclusion) needs to be explored more by perhaps adding the authors allusion to the bible e.g. sowing, reaping etc. and anything else to do with Dickens’ views.

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