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Feasibility Study of Establishing a Child Care Facility


This paper is a Feasibility Study of Establishing a Child Care Facility. I would like to receive a quote for your services before I am actually charged. I had to write and submit a proposal to my professor a few weeks ago, so I have already completed some of this paper. However, I do need additional chapters complete and possibly have some of the paper revised. Your company seems to come highly regarded from essayfraud.org and essayscam.org, so I am trusting that you will be able to take a look at what I have already done and see if you are able to work with that as I have a limited budget. I need approximately 20-25 additional pages to complete this paper.

I have available to send you via email: research that I have previously done, the paper that I have started to complete. I can also send via fax the specific details of what each section should contain.

Page numbers – upper right hand corner of paper starting with chapter I
table of contents is numbered at the center bottom of the page in lower case roman numbers
every chapter starts on a new page
Chapter II (literature review) should contain at least 10 references
Do not use first person “I”, use “the researcher”
There are faxes for this order.

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