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Assignment Questions

Film productions of Hamlet

Film productions of HamletHamlet (Laurence Olivier, dir., 1948) Hamlet (Kenneth Branagh, dir., 1996) Hamlet (Michael Almereyda, dir., 2000)

Using Shakespeare’s play and two of the above films as primary sources, write a well-organized, highly specific essay on one of the following:

(1) A contrast of the female characters in Hamlet as portrayed in two film productions or (2) A contrast of the characters Hamlet and his friend Horatio as portrayed in two film productions or (3) Hamlet as an examination of hidden lives as portrayed in two film productions.

The essay must be controlled by a clearly stated thesis that narrows your focus and sets up your organization. Your thesis statement will not be sufficient if it merely restates the topic.

Additional requirements: 1. Use at least four (4) secondary sources, only half of which can be sources posted on the World Wide Web (books, films reviews, articles, documentaries). The other half must be books and periodicals in print (books may be purchased and/or checked out at libraries and periodicals, generally, need to be used at the libraries themselves). 2. Incorporate quotations– At least six (6) from the primary sources (the play and the two films) and four (4) from secondary sources. 10 in all! 3. Include a Works Cited page structured according to MLA rules. 4. Employ MLA internal documentation

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