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Assignment Questions

Flannery O Connor

Write an 8 page paper on the author. The focus on the paper should be on the author?s purpose, motive, and success in communicating with the intended audience. In other words, discuss what that author is trying to do with his/her writing that relates to communicating, recording for historical purposes, entertaining, or contributing to the body of literary art of the period. Also examine the work of your author in relation to others who are writing during his/her time period. Consider the common themes, trends, and social issues these authors are addressing during this literary period. The paper should cover the life, work, and criticisms written about the author?s work that support your thesis. It is to be typed in Times-New Roman font, double-spaced with one-inch margins all around. Follow MLA style. At least four sources. The required make-up of sources is one book, two journal articles, and the fourth can be your choice. If you use a web-site, be sure that it is a credible web-site. No Wikipedia.

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