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Assignment Questions

Flight sherman Alexie

Cause/Effect Paper examines the effects that his time travel journeys have upon Zits in the Novel FLIGHT. (WC page will include, bio resource, and one other expert opinion or data source).

Paragraph 1 of INTRO:
Hook: Quote from the novel to set the tone for essay
Author tag- including information about Sherman Alexie that is germain to this novel.
Brief context giving setting, theme, and plotline of the novel (what story is about)

Paragraph 2 of INTRO:
Brief statements about the causes for Zits’ alienation, isolation, and hatred that were part of his personality BEFORE time travel began (Causes that brought him to the places in his life).
Lead-in to the thesis: How did this young man’s time travel journeys ultimately affect his personality and destiny? Underline thesis statement. Thesis-(state three areas in which the journey affected his personality- this will include briefly telling how each event brought out the change. Body: Claims are the three ways you want to focus upon that were EFFECTS of his journey, using quotes and evidence from the novel for each. Paragraph 1 of Conclusion: Zits journey was a flight from one way of life into another way of life. Briefly recall the major turning points and the effects they had upon him. Paragraph 2 of Conclusion: Restate your thesis, what is the significance of realizing the effects that Zits’ time travel journey- real or imagine had upon him? How does it apply to you, or in general to others in your generation.

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