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Food Labeling Chaos: The Need for Reform

Writer: Serban

Food Labeling Chaos: The Need for Reform

?Accurate, easy-to-read, and scientifically valid nutrition and health information on food labels is an essential component of a comprehensive public health strategy to help consumers improve their diets and reduce their risk of diet-related diseases. Improved food labeling could provide consumers with easy-to-read nutrition and ingredient information that they can use to reduce their risk of the leading causes of death in the United States today, including heart attack, stroke, certain forms of cancer, and diabetes?. (Silverglade and Heller, 2010. Food Labeling Chaos. The Case for Reform, part 1-1)

Please find the report: “Food Labeling Chaos. The Case for Reform” in course files, Wk. 8. Read the Executive Summary, Part I, the Introduction, and Part II, Improving the Nutrition Facts Panel. Please respond to the following questions by the time we meet again.

1. Do an online search for references to the Center for Science in the Public Interest. What can you find out about this organization?
Where do they get their funding? Who do they answer to? What is their mission? Who is on their board of directors? Cite your online sources (at least 2). Based upon what you find out, would you trust the nutrition information published by this organization?

2. In Part II, Improving the Nutrition Facts Label. Please summarize the recommendations listed for improving the nutrition facts label, including the authors? rationale. For each of the recommendations, what is the current regulatory and legislative status?

3. Look at the list of chapters that give details of each of the food labeling revisions recommended by the authors. Choose two of the recommendations that you feel are especially important, and read those chapters. Summarize the argument. State whether you agree or disagree with the evidence presented, and give at least one example from your own experience with food labels for each of the recommendations on which you chose to elaborate.

4. Silverglade and Heller claim that the revisions in food labeling showing accurate nutrition and health information could make an impact on the current epidemic of type II diabetes, obesity and CVD. Further, ?while cost-benefit ratios are hard to establish, the use of nutrition labeling is associated with healthier diets?. In your experience of shopping for and selecting packaged foods, would you say this claim is realistic? Why?

Please don’t included repitition words and avoid using the word over and over again (Just to make sentences long) Sorry, I just had couple bad experiences with other writer.

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