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Assignment Questions

Foreign Policy of the United States

What are the themes and outlines affecting the current foreign policy of the United States and how should they be shaped and adapted to 21st century realities? Although your paper should generally follow the traditional components of national security, free and open trade, democratic governments, world peace, and concern for humanity, you should feel free to apply a critical analysis to any or all of these factors.

paper structure
I. Introduction / Thesis Statement – a brief statement outlining your position or something relevant about this issue.
II. Body – the bulk of the paper is here, in data taken from the readings and other evidence you have found in support of your position.
a. National security – preemptive or preventive war strategy?
b. Capitalism – free trade or imperialism?
c. Democracy – continuities and contradictions.
d. World peace – contributing or detracting?
e. Human rights – helping or hurting?
III. Conclusion – based on the evidence you have gathered, your opinions on the themes and outlines of our current foreign policy, whether they are appropriate for the 21st century, in accordance with our values, and in the national interest of the country.

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