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Assignment Questions

Future Domestic Waste Production Scenarios and Disposal Options

all the information has to be based on UK data.
I need three parts of my project which are 1.Executive summary, 2.Introduction, 3.Aim and objectives
areas that i like to be covered are as followed: i need a clear definition of waste as a whole and also general types of waste to be mentioned, in which one of these types is municipal waste,and i need a definition of municipal waste as well. then it should be said that the most important part of municipal waste is household waste(which is exactly my area of research). i want it to be mentioned that some issues have effects on wastegeneration for example the importance of humans behavior in the house in case of household waste generation.
the whole aim of my project is to find some exact facts of data.for example amount of waste generation each year in UK, percentage of each waste type, percentage of household waste out of municipal waste, and comparisons between UK and Europe,etc…these information are making a baseline of my project.so at first step i have my baseline.after that i’m searching for different drivers in a house that have effects on household waste generation,(we have inputs to the house such as food,cloth,… and drivers in the house for example our behavior and outputs from the house which means different types of wastes)and select 4 important drivers to come up with 4 future scenarios until 2050.
RESOURCES: i want the resources to be mentioned by number in the text and at the end of text name of the resources.

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