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Assignment Questions

Genetically Modified Foods

For an insight on what this course entails, this is a senior level english course on research writing. This course asks students to think of academic inquiry while writing their paper. The idea of academic inquiry is to collectively explore what it might mean to view academic work as a process which uses writing to produce new insight, knowledge, and new understanding rather than passive comsumers of it.

PLEASE I BEG OF YOU… No plaigarism. Also, please do not make up sources as our sources will be searched upon handing in this essay. Please have scholarly articles and books (interlibrary loan is the easiest to obtain these) unless you already have access to something like JSTOR.

I will be including some sources for you. One is a sample research essay from this class and I would like you to note the references to Sarah J Arroyo’s Essay W/Holes. I would like this done in my paper. I will include a copy of Sarah J Arroyo’s: W/Holes in word format- I will warn you it is not an easy read (approz 20 some pages) and if you could make a connection between my topic (genetically modified food) and something discussed in Sarah J Arroyo’s paper like technology: and how maybe it is a detriment to our society or anything that spurs up when reading this essay by Sarah J Arroyo. This does not have to be pages and pages of connections, just a paragraph tied into my reasearch paper would be sufficient. PLEASE do not cancel my order if any of this is not doable-contact me we can work something out.

I know you have standards on format and such but if you could do 1 inch margains in 12pt Times New Roman format that would be surperb.

I have not yet come up with a title but please keep in mind this is a senior level collegecourse and a lame title will not be accepted.
There are faxes for this order.

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