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Assignment Questions

Globalization in World History

Book Review Paper ISBN# 0-393-97942-3
Based upon a careful reading of A.G. Hopkins’ Globalization in World History, please
write a 3 page review essay in which you address the following:

1) What is the author’s thesis (argument), and how does it relate to the study of
World History and the origins of globalization?

2) What evidence (sources) does he employ, and what are the strengths and
weaknesses of Hopkins’ analysis or narrative?

Please note: It’s a good idea to read the introduction/conclusion to the book before you
read it cover to cover. These often neglected parts of books are generally the most
revealing about an author’s purpose, point, and preference of evidence.

RUBRIC: Again, you should strive for excellence (A). Excellence in this instance is
defined by thorough attention to items 1-2 above, in addition to the following:
1) All papers MUST have a clearly stated topical paragraph/introduction in which
you specify your thesis statement (i.e. the focused way in which you intend to
answer the broader, topical research question you generated). You should then
have an expository body that specifically develops, explains, or validates your
thesis statement. Contrary evidence and counter-arguments cannot be ignored;
they must somehow be addressed. Finally, you will need a conclusion that wrapsup
and summarizes what you have said and the historical wider significance(s) of
the book.
2) Your paper must be double-spaced with 1 inch margins, numbered pages if
possible, a title, and specific quotations from your source material cited properly
according to the Chicago ManuallTurabian Style footnotes. Please remember to
cite both paraphrased material and direct quotes with a footnote.

Please use this exact book. ISBN -0-393-97942-3 Globalization in World History Edited by A.G. Hopkins
copyright 2002

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