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Assignment Questions

Government Role in Abstinence Education Funding

Objective: In this essay you will demonstrate argumentative and synthesis skills.
Length: 750 words, plus a “Works Cited” page (use MLA format as found in the handbook). Do not create a separate file for the Works Cited page! Just make it the last page of the essay. Remember, I WILL NOT go looking for your Works Cited if it is in a separate file. Instead, I deduct 10 points!
Assignment: This will be the first of two papers that requires you to use argument techniques in writing your paper. (The second paper will be a lengthy research paper that also uses arguments.) You must use a minimum of three sources. Use the synthesis skills as you weave the sources together. If you choose to use sources from the Internet, you may ONLY use sources that also have a paper form (i.e. journals, newspapers, magazines–found on the campus databases). NOTHING else qualifies.
The question you will examine in this paper is this: What is the political viewpoint of the current U.Spresidency or what viewpoint should it be? You may choose to look at that viewpoint with a specific subject in mind. For instance, you may decide to look at the president”s handling of a particular issue and show how he falls on the political spectrum we have been discussing. Or you may argue why he should change his position to fit another viewpoint. You might look at it this way: President Bush is a conservative on this issue because–then list at least three reasons (your three main points!) why you believe this to be the case. Or you might do it this way: President Bush needs to take a liberal stance on this issue because–then list at least three reasons (again, your three main points!)
Remember, include a thesis that states your position (claim) in the first paragraph–usually the last sentence.
Use the argument methods you learned in the lectures and the readings (state your position but also state the opposition”s points and rebut them). Include a minimum of two objections to your positions with at least a short paragraph for each. You do NOT have to have two objections to EVERY point you make; just make sure there are two objections in the paper. (You should have found some of the opposition points in the class discussions!) Be careful of objections that are so weak that they are easy to refute. Be sure to use argumentative transitions in indicate reasons, objections and concluding material.
Make sure you do proper MLA citations for all sources.
6. Avoid logical fallacies
7. Make sure you practice synthesis. I MUST be able to see at least THREE places where you have synthesized more than one author. The easiest way to do this is to make sure there are at least three paragraphs where you cite more than one author.
8. Make sure your concluding paragraph restates the thesis in a new way, summarizes the arguments and ends in a memorable way.

I will be emailing a folder containing all research needed. Please let me know if it is received..

The essay should be an argumentative outlook on the abstinence-only-until-marriage education that has been implemented by the government to include the large amount of funds. Insted of providing a comprehensive sex education. The research included in the folder will explain the outlook I wish to have exploited.

Please let me know if you receive the folder in the email.

I had problems iwth my last order, getting the info to you guys. Although the paper turned out wonderful 🙂
There are faxes for this order.

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