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Assignment Questions

Gulf War as The War Without Victory

5-7 pages (1250-1500 words) Abstract, thesis statement, main points, you must present a counter (in outline) opposing viewpoint that must be researched(not just opinion)- the opposing view point section should be 1 page long. Use APA format – the title page, abstract and reference page do not count towards length requirement.

My outline:
Broad Topic: Operations Desert Shield / Desert Storm
Narrow Topic: Gulf War: The war without victory.
Thesis Statement: Opposition would say the United States was triumphant in the Gulf War, but look behind the painted picture to see that the United States was neither triumphant or a failure, but a mismanagement in politics. no plagiarism.
My outline:
I. Background/Introduction/Overview
II. The Efforts of Deterrence
A. Deterrence Theory
B. Efforts to Deter
III. The Efforts of Diplomacy
A. Actions of Diplomacy
B. Military means
IV. Power Struggles
A. Preparing for War
B. The War
V. Military and Political Implications
A. Triumph without Victory
B. Limited versus Total War
C. Future U.S. Defense Policies
VI. Counterpoints
A. The Absence of Deterrence
B. Failure of Diplomacy
C. Generals vs. Politicians
D. War and Politics
VII. Conclusion

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