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Assignment Questions

Hatha Yoga and Professional Dance

3 page paper- Hatha yoga and its benefits to dancers

INCLUDE all of the following:
Brief introduction of the form of hatha yoga and how is is a somatic form of yoga
How does this practice shape and support long-term goals with dance.
How does this practice assist people with scoliosis?
How does Hatha yoga assist with breathing benefits for a dancer?

NOTES: You can use this information but it is straight from the internet so re-phrasing information or utilizing other resources to get this information is fine.

Somatic movement therapy is gentle movement therapy that involves stretching and breathing to realign the body and the mind

Balance, focus, strength, confidence, equalizing/balance both sides of the body. Can improve flexibility, posture, balance, strength, and breathing.

Hatha benefits are: improves flexibility and muscle joint mobility, strengthens, tones, builds muscles, corrects posture, strengthens spine, eases back pain, improves muscular skeletal conditions such as sway back and or scoliosis. Increases stamina, creates balance and grace. Increases body awareness, relieves muscle strains; relaxes the body and mind; centers attention; sharpens concentration,
Improves coordination and balance

For a dancer: physical damage can come to a dancer because therapy often push their bodies further than they have the energy to do so. Dance technique is physically demanding dancers often wear their bodies down through repetitive high stress techniques. Hatha yoga can be beneficial to a dancer t help build strength, flexibility, and emotional stability ??”which promotes healthier, more technical, more focused, and protected dancers. Hatah yoga can aid in revitalizing, re-energize, and strengthen the dancers body . Hatha yoga will aid in providing better functional breathing which provide a dancer with more energy and overall increase their strength and flexibility Better breathing techniques provide the dancer with oxygen, Developing good breathing techniques and warm up practice can be achieved through the use of Hatha yoga,

For a person with scoliosis: hatha yoga is instrumental in the correction of functional curves and the prevention of worsening structural curves. Hatha is composes of Asanas (physical postures), breath awareness, and meditation. By combining the yoga postures with body awareness, one can develop a structural alignment, creating a more symmetrical alignment. This can be accomplished by stretching muscles that have become tightened and strengthening muscles that have become weak from this asymmetrical imbalance. The physical practice of Hatha yoga is helpful in dancers with scoliosis because through this practice a dancer can stretch their spine and increase their flexibility of the muscles that support their posture.

For a dancer- hatha yoga combines breath awareness and mindfulness with movement that provides the energy that moves with the breath that can be directed to any place in the body which ultimately can relieve pain. While strengthening is important it is also important for a dancer to release the tension in their body to create softness and fluidity.

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