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Healthcare Profession

This admissions essay is for my girlfriend. She’s trying to get into the Beth Israel School For Nursing. As such, it’s obviously more of a “what are your specific personal reasons” type of essay, but we can be a little generic in that regard. Having said that, here are the three questions that are asked for the essay:

Q: What factors influenced your decision to choose nursing as a career?
A: A large portion of the women in her family have gone into the healthcare profession, and she would like to continue the tradition. Also, she has a genuine interest in helping people and realizes that the healthcare profession is only going to be need more qualified people in the future, so it’s a good growth industry. You can fill in the rest generically.

Q: What are your plans for the future in nursing?
A: My girl’s ultimate goal is to become a pediatric specialist. Family once again plays a strong influence here, as there are a lot of young children in her family, and she loves them all a great deal, and considering we’re planning on having kids of our own, it’s very appealing. But in the short term, obviously becoming the best nurse she can be. You can fill in the rest generically.

Q: What accomodations have you made in your life to prepare for a career in nursing?
A: The accomodations started early, beginning with high school and her selection of school, Clara Barton High School in New York, and their healthcare program. She’s also attended a technical/trade school, The Allen School in Brooklyn, NY, in an attempt not only to obviously gain that practical experience through internships, but to also better her chances of being accepted to Beth Israel. You can fill in the rest generically.

I’m going to say thank you in advance. I probably haven’t made your job much easier, and this is probably one of your weirder requests. I’m going to recommend this site to my friends and say thanks again. I’m sure the work you guys will weave together will be better than anything the two of us could have come up with.

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