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Assignment Questions

How Physicalism Perceive the Origin of Zombie Argument

Describe the history of the zombie argument and demonstrate how it poses a problem for Physicalism. Give a Physicalist response to the argument, and say whether you think it defuses the problem.

I will provide one of the resource materials and a handout if you can provide the other 3! great!

In grading this paper, I will be looking for three main things.
(i) Understanding. Do you set out the arguments out clearly in a way that shows understanding of the material provided in class? Do you demonstrate this with examples of your own?
(ii) Clarity. Is it clear within the first paragraph what the paper is about? Do you structure the paper in a way that clearly shows how the argument is developing?
(iii) Reasoning. Do you reach a conclusion that is supported by your premises? Do the examples you provide support your overall argument?

(i) Please do not use contractions like “I’m”, “you’re”, or “it’s” – I prefer “I am”, “you are”, and “it is”.
(ii) I will be indirectly grading on spelling, grammar, and punctuation, I strongly encourage all students to pay close attention to these and seek assistance if required. Bad grammar and punctuation can make your arguments unclear or hard to understand, and there is no excuse for bad spelling in an age of spellcheckers.
(iii) If English is not your first language, and you are worried that this will create difficulties for me in comprehending your paper, ask trusted friends to proof read your papers for you!
(iv) Papers should include a bibliography in the APA style. You can find a neat summary of this at http://goo.gl/4sG5g.
(v) Feel free to write in the first-person.

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