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Assignment Questions

How Self Worth and Need To Belong Contributes to Being a Gang Member

Research paper written in APA 6TH. Examine how self worth and the need to belong play a role in making a gang member no different than the rest of society within the American gang culture.Discuss in detail how gangs prey on young teenagers and use their economically and psychologically backgrounds to recruti them thm in to gangs. Discuss how defiant individualism also plays a role in youths joining gangs. Four references used. In additon Youth Gangs in American Society by Sheldon,Tracy and Brown ISBN 13:978-0-534-61569-7 and ISBN 10: 0-534-61569-4 must be used as a reference. Suggested references could include Jankowski,M.S Gangs and American Urban Society and Reiner,I and Moore J.W. Bibliography must be included.

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