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Assignment Questions

How the Western World Has Transitioned Into Consumerism Zombies

Discuss how the western world has turned into societies fueled by a culture of consumerism zombies, talk about how capitalism fuels consumerism. How we buy and consume things without reason or purpose other than to consume. We line up at movie premier and Apple stores for hours and even days on end just to be the first ones to purchase the latest and greatest gadgets or watch the first screening of the latest movie for no other reason aside from being the first ones to do so. Make a comparison and contrast of zombies to consumers in the west. Talk about conspicuous consumption, how we are brain washed to buying things we don?t need by advertisers. How we are aimlessly drifting in a world that has betrayed our faith in humanity with consumerism. Therefore, we have become a society of the walking thoughtless mindless consumer undead. Present both sides but defend the argument of western societies turning into consumerism zombies.
Must be 5 pages not including the work cited page MLA format double space, Times New Roman, 11 or 12 font size, plus a work cited page with at least 5 work cited.

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