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Assignment Questions


With each identification, you need five short and precise facts on the person, place, or event. For example;

George Washington
-1st President of the United States.
-General of the Colonial Army during the American Revolutionary War.
-Fought in the French and Indian War.
-Born in Virginian.
-Won the Battle at Yorktown, Va. forcing General Cornwallis and his British Army to surrender.


1. American Indian Movement
2. Wounded Knee
3. Ada Deer
4. Quanah Parker
5. Sioux Tribe
6. Indian Citizenship Act
7. Chief Joseph & Nez Perce
8. Dawes Allotment Act
10. Carlisle Indian School
11. Cheyenne Tribe
12. Red Cloud
13. Comanche Tribe
14. Joseph Brant
15. Trail of Tears
16. Pontiac’s War

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