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Assignment Questions

Ideological Relationship Between WWI and WWII

Write a persuasive argument concerning the ideological relationship between WWI and WWII. Your paper should first define and explore the ideological relationship between WWI and WWII, orienting the reader to your particular point of view. Subsequent analysis should then develop an argument while addressing the following questions to varying degrees: What is the relationship between Fascism and Nazism? What are the causes and effects of the 1st and 2nd World Wars? How did WWI influence the development of technology in the West? Your paper should account for as many social, political and economic factors you think necessary to explicate a 400 level academic essay.

Note: This paper must have a thesis and a well articulated argument with plenty of quotes as supporting examples. 5-7 pages in MLA format. INclude a works cited list with a minimum of 3 sources, including your textbook (ISBN 0-618-00076-3 or http://college.hmco.com). NO ONLINE sources should be consulted except for scholarly journals.
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