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Assignment Questions

Increased Risk to Cardiovascular Disease

This is a literature review on a health related research topic:

Topic: A bright smile is not just a way to express emotion; it’s also a place in food breakdown, speaking, and health potential risks. Oral hygiene is a labor of love, and if not cared for properly it can lead to other health issues. The matter is growing concern to patients and to providers, as well. Individuals with dental plaque, tooth loss along with periodontal disease are at an increased risk to cardiovascular disease. The link between oral health disease and cardiovascular disease gives reason to individuals to care about their health.

Key Topic question: Does poor oral health link individuals to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, as it is the source of bacterium to enter the bloodstream and reduce full function of the cardiovascular system?

Literature Review: (6 pages)
1. Need at least 5 primary references from the past 3 years, if possible” [select from the articles provided]
a. You can use review papers as secondary references but not as one of your 5 primary references.

2. Must include an introductory paragraph which describes the subsections that are about to be presented.
(e.g., “The following review of the literature will present recent clinical trials on the effect of physical activity on weight gain in both children and adults. Recent studies on the effect of physical activity on weight gain in animals will also be presented.”)

3. Must have a minimum of 3 subsections and each subsection must have at least 2 studies referenced so you can compare them.

4. In each subsection you have to summarize and compare those studies together.
a. List the age of subjects, duration of the study, type of intervention, and key findings (not a complete summary of findings).
b. Explain relevant variables and measures used.
c. Discuss if studies conflict, agree, or lack of certain information.
d. Discuss how studies relate to each other.
e. Do not just summarize and list them.
f. Include the authors’ conclusions, not your opinion.
g. Mention what the study was missing or lacking (e.g., control group, randomization, different sample, etc.)

For example if your topic was “Effect of Insoluble vs. Soluble Fiber on Serum Lipids in Middle Aged Adults”, possible subsections might be:
i. Effects of Soluble Fiber on Serum Lipids in Older Adults
ii. Effects of Insoluble Fiber on Serum Lipids in Older Adults
iii. Effects of Fiber on Serum Lipids in Young Adults
iv. Effects of Fiber on Fat Metabolism

5. Conclude literature review by stating how your proposed study builds on existing research. (e.g., “Based on the above findings, the proposed study will investigate the impact of…”)

Do not cite web addresses in literature review (only cite original journal articles or very recent book chapters of research studies).

The text in correspondence to this assignment is: “Methods in Behavioral Research” 10th edition. by Paul C. Cozby ( ISBN 70224)

Use lecture 2 Powerpoint slides as a guide. [provided as a resource]

The references articles will all be sent. Only use the given articles provided. I will also be sending a sample literature review, to give a better idea on what everything should look like. Use APA citation for all resources used. The introduction of this paper will be sent as an additional resource, to provide the purpose of the study. Follow the above guidelines to a tee as each point must be met especially including objectives and hypothesis, reference list, and review of the articles per section.

Please contact me if there are any questions.

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