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Assignment Questions

Independent Historical Study of the US Congress

Direct from the teacher

Student will undertake an independent historical study of the US Congress with a particular focus on both the ongoing internal relationships between the House of Representatives and the Senate and between the institution as awhole and the USPresidency. The major research question to be addressed will to what extent and why these relationships have changed over the past 200 years. A carefully footnoted research paper of at least 20 pages will be submitted. Overall evaluation of the work will be based upon the extent to which the paper reflects both thorough and convincing historical analysis of the research question and sound compositional and scholarly standards…

I have 3 books that I am currently using for sources

Party Process and Political Change in Congress- 2002

Americas Congress- Actions in the public sphere- Madison through Gingrich- 2002

On the Hill, a history of the American Congress- 1979

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