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Assignment Questions

Information on Women Studies and Communication

Compile a list of the following information for each of the concentration areas/disciplines (Womens Studies and Communication) This means you will be answering each of the following prompts twice ??” once for each of the two disciplines investigated.

Use the headings below as section headings in the paper, and be sure to address each of the prompts thoroughly.Responses to each of the following prompts deserves to be at least 1-1.5 pages of well-written, well-researched information for each of the disciplines.

1. Key Concepts
All fields use concepts (terms that describe specific phenomena within a field). List and carefully describe at least five concepts associated with each of the disciplines. Are these concepts described differently in any other disciplines that you may be familiar with? What are some of the key concepts associated with this field?
2. Current Theories
Theories explains or predict why something happens the way it happens. Provide a detailed description of three theories associated with each of the given disciplines (womens studies and communication.)

• Cite at least one textbook associated with each of the disciplines
• Cite one or two additional sources of interest.

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