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Assignment Questions

Informative Essay on Andrei Codrescu

Andrei Codrescu-Creative Nonfiction Writer (Research Paper)

You will be writing an essay which offers a biographical sketch, your view of the writer’s work, a critical review of what others have had to say about the writer’s work and a complete list of the writer’s publications (bibliography).

Getting Started:
You will have read at least one essay by your chosen author. Begin jotting down all the things you already know about him and what you like, so far, about this writer’s work. How would you characterize the writing? What questions do you have about the writing? The purpose of this kind of brainstorming is to get you recognize what you already know so you can begin to ask questions about what you don’t know. Also, many times these initial writings, grounded in your personal experience, will suggest the frame or structure for your essay.

Things to Read:
You will need to read at least one book-length piece by Andrei Codrescu (“Wakefield” has been chosen as a main piece); you will also need to read at least 3 shorter prose pieces by Codrescu. In addition, you will need to track down and read at least 3 reviews or critical pieces about Codrescu work (a sort of triangulation of view points other then your own).

Things to Include:
1. A biographical sketch of Codrescu’s life and work.
2. A description and discussion of his work from your own experience reading him.
3. A discussion of the critical response and reviews the writer’s work has received over the years.
4. As complete a listing Codrescu’s publications as is possible (bibliography).

Research Sources and Documentation:
MLA needed for this essay. Document as much as you can within the text and you will have a Works Cited page—no foot or end notes. Essay should have 6 pages, not including Works Cited page)

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