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Infusing Chemotherapy Procedure

I need a written standardized procedure meeting the board of regsitered nursing and the Medical Board of Ca., Title 16, CCR Section 1379 and Ca. Code of Regulations. MY TOPIC IS INFUSING CHEMOTHERAPY PROCEDURE.
The procedure needs: A written description of the method used in developing and approving them , be in writing, dated and signed by the organized health care system personnel authorized to approve it. Which standarized procedure functions registered nurses may perform and under what circumstances. State anay specific requirements which are to be followed by RN in performing particular standardized procedure functions. Specify any experience, training and education requied for performance of stand. procdure functions. Proved for a method of maintaining a written record of persons authorized to perform functions. Specify the scope of supervision required for performance of procedure. Set forht any specialized circumstance under which the registered nurse is to immediately communicate with a patient’s physcian concerning the patient’s condition. State the limitations on settings, if any in which stand. procedure functions may be performed. specify patient record-keeping requirements. provide for method of periodic review of the stand. procedures.
This is a written procedure used in any hospital setting according to the Board of R.N. and medical board. Needing nothing difficult, just a professional written procedure in the correct format as per Board of Nursing standards. It will include patient teaching, guidelines Documentation and references. Thank you

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