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Assignment Questions

Innate cognition

It is an Analytical essay on Core knowledge. (Some researchers claim a growing body of evidence that children are born with ideas (core knowledge) but others deny that such innate cognitions exist.
Prepare a position paper ( for or against the above statement)as a contribution to a professional debate. The writer needs to use eight articles that I will provide via email. I will email about eleven articles and the writer can choose to use eight of these articles to form the argument on (core knowledge) in children. In the essay the writer chooses a position to defend. Present an argument to justify your position and counter the arguments that could be made against your position. conclude with a summary of the case you have presented. Need to use all eight references I provide. Assessed on persuasiveness of the position taken, quality of the identification of the issues and alternative view points, quality of the support for arguments justifying your position, quality of rebuttal of counter arguments

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