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Assignment Questions

Inquire for Instructions to Avoid Unnecessary Misunderstandings

I already ordered a 15 pages research paper from you and get not that what I expected even after a rewrite form the author. Topic missed. (A2031397)
Therefore I would like to order a new one. If anything is not clear how to write the paper (content etc.) please ask at the very beginning to avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary delays and rewrites.
It is necessary to let this paper write someone with a financial education, backround who is familiar with financial issues. I had good experiences with the work of your writer “bolavens”.

If you do hard to find an adequate writer so please tell me. It isnt sufficient to me to let someone write just that the paper is written. I am dependend from the quality of the paper.

Topic: Google acquired YouTube for 1. 6 bn $. Does it really worth it?

The focus is on the acquisition of YouTube by Google.
-The abstract and intro part should include questions about the topic (see attachement)
-Companies backround,
-Situation before the merger,
-reasons for the merger,
-critical assessment of the merger,
-post merger problems etc.

The core part of the paper should be the evaluation of YouTube for Google.
-How Google monetize(d) the acquisition of YouTube?
-What was and IS YouTube worth? Evaluation of YouTube
-Hard facts, Figures, Calculatoins in comparison to the cost of acquisition are necessary. For instance Revenues YouTube/Costs of Acquisition – numbers which make sense to evaluate if it (already) montetize(d) or not
-the research paper (Field based or clinical research (see attachement)should include financial and other relevant data

I already examined about ?Facebook-does it really worth it?? (SEE ATTACHEMENT). The content of the research Google and YouTube should be similar and can be used as a guide.

Independently from the Paper I need a 1-2 paper Summary with all the critical issues (on point). Key facts. Everything what has to be considered by examining the topic should be summerized briefly.

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