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Assignment Questions

Insulin Pump Technology for Juvenile Diabetics

My research project is on INSULIN PUMP TECHNOLOGY for juvenile diabetics and what is

expected in the near future. I would like my paper to briefly overview the facts of Type

1 diabetes (juvenile diabetes) and how they need to achieve tight blood glucose control,but then discuss the history of insulin pumps, they have been in existence in over 20 years. I would like to introduce and focus on Medtronic Minimed as the leading insulin pump manufacturer with their Paradigm Pathway Program and current Paradigm 515/715 and its RF wireless communication with the BD Blood Glucose Monitor. Also a big emphasis on Minimed’s future advancement with the development of the world’s first sensor-augemented system. This will be the Paradigm 522 and will be available in 18-24 months, and achieveing the closed loop system that many have been anticipating and would refer to it as an artificial pancreas. I want to write about what this technology will achieve, not so much on diabetes, but how it can help. Maybe mention that until they find a cure for diabetes, this is the best choice for diabetes managment. But isn’t necessarily for all Type 1 diabetics, its a personal choice and must be discussed with doctor first.

I am a juvenile diabetic myself, so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. I do carry a minimed insulin pump as well. I’ve spoken with Jessa Kovtun at Minimed about the future development on the Paradigm 522, but was able to recieve the information that is also posted on the website at www.minimed.com. I have the books Pumping Insulin by John Walsh, Insulin Therapy Demystified by by Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer and Gary Scheiner and Smart Pumping by Howard Wolpert. They didn’t give that much information what I wanted to focus on such ast he technology, but did provide some helpful information. Here
are some good websites I visited that I thought might help:

Good site for Type 1 diabetes info:

Great article! (May need a password, use mine)
username: Dmw39
Password: 3913

Good site too!



Few years old but may provide some good information:

Not sure if this is accurate info, but looks like it:



Good site to achieve info from personal insulin pumpers:

My paper is expected to be of good quality. Works cited are to be expected, but not plagiarized. Here is a basic format of the research paper.

This section includes the purpose or relevance of the research, the goal of the research, and any assumptions or limitations of the work.
-Literature Review
This topic should provide a historical overview.
-Project Details
Details concerning the technology of the inuslin pump
The results to be achieved with the insulin pump technology

The paper is expected to be double spaced (except bibliography), font size 12, font Times New Roman, and the left hand margin should be 1 1/2″. and the top, right and bottom should be 1″. All pages should be numbered except the bibliography.

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