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Assignment Questions

Integrative therapy Yoga

Assignment instructions:
Please write a paper on how Yoga (used as Integrative Therapy) helps in releasing stress and frustration related to school work.

I’m a nursing student. The point of this paper is to write about an Integrative therapy I use to release stress related to school work. (Yoga).

– Self-disclosure:

Seeks to understand concepts by examining openly your own experiences as they relate to the experienced therapy, to illustrate points you are making. Demonstrates an open, non-defensive ability to self-appraise, discussing both growth and frustrations as they related to learning in class.

– Connection to readings (assigned and ones you have sought on your own):

In-depth synthesis of thoughtfully selected aspects of readings related to the topic. Makes clear connections between what is learned from readings and the experience. Demonstrate further analysis and insight resulting from what you have learned from reading, Includes reference to at least two readings other than those assigned for class.

(Chapter 17 Integrative Therapy; Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Evidence-Based Concepts, Skills, and Practices, 7th edition, author Wanda K. Mohr, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.)

-APA references

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