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Assignment Questions

Interrelationship between motor skills and task performance

Future research: title “Cognitive development in toddlers: interrelationship between motor skills and task performance”.
Purpose: Elaborate on section of discussion(I’ll provide discussion section) highlighting future research directions.
Assignment: Integrate future research ideas with existing literature. Why is more research needed? What evidence exists that these are good ideas to pursue? Predictions about what future research will reveal.
With newer literature review: Generous limits (if money and time was no obstacle). Create (what I would have done). Illustrate (“is it set up…” done before and not adequate). Also, I’ll be providing 6 articles and written research paper on “Cognitive development in toddlers: Exploring individual differences in locomotor ability”.

Outline: Future research (outline format)
Expected results (important findings)
– “I expected to find”…..
Why (is there a hole)
– Because previous research suggests (to site other literature for that)
I. Summary of existing research, including your own.
II. Motivation for study (evidence that new research is needed)
– Summary of what is missing
– New suggestions raised
III. What you would do if money and time were no object. (procedure) sample questions- focusing on topics such as…..(to be more specific and not general)
IV. Predicted results
V. Explanation for predictions
I would like this to be written in simple language form
Thank you

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