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Assignment Questions

Interviews Concerning Horror

Interview three people of different generations (ideally, one older, younger and peer-group) about their relationship to horror/das Unheimliche.

Some possible interview directions:

1. How do they define it? How have they experienced it? What do they find scary?

2. What mediated horror are they familiar with, or do they remember – films, TV, radio, web, texts or comics? Do they have any use for mediated horror?

3. What localized urban legends or myths do they recall? What experiences (if they’d like to share) still remain in memory? What real-life cases (solved or unsolved) remain in memory?

Include brief background on individuals interviewed, including age, gender, geographic background. Please include your framing questions too; if you’d like to submit the assignment as a transcript, that’s fine.

Also include a “concluding” paragraph about possible commonalities – or conversely, disconnections exist within generations – regarding the experience of horror.

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