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Assignment Questions

Introduction to Integrative Learning

Lesson 1: Introduction to Integrative Learning
Assignment 1: Written Assignment

In this assignment, you will think about the method(s) of inquiry used academic and co-curricular environments. Complete the following assignment.
• List 5 courses that you’ve taken in college. For each course, describe one method of inquiry that you learned in that course.
Five courses I want to touch base on are
1. Communication in instruction and training
2. Intercultural communication
3. Economics
4. Math
5. Language arts

• List 5 co-curricular activities that you have participated in during high school and/or college. For each activity, describe one “lesson” you learned.
The five activities for co-curricular will be
1. Volleyball
2. Cheerleading
3. Community service
4. Multicultural club
5. Yoga
All this must be your thoughts ONLY. No plagiarism or quotes off the internet or book.

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