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Is TSA crossing the boundaries of American Civil Liberties?

This is a thesis proposal. I want to explore the policies in place for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and determine if TSA has crossed the boundaries of American civil liberties. This is a hot topic and talked about a lot. I am on the side that they are not, but the policy should be changed to be more effective and efficient, especially given the importance of it. I want to explore the new TSA Pre-check and see if we are headed in the right direction. Possibly explore what other countries are doing effectively (however, must keep in mind if our population is comparable to theirs (e.g. Israel’s population is a lot different and their practices may not be tolerated in the US). This assignment is open to other ideas as well, but please ensure it does focus on Policy. This is not a general thesis of whether TSA‘s procedures are good or bad, but analyzing the current policies and procedures and determining if they are most effective given America’s unique environment. Obviously, given this is a thesis, improvement changes will be necessary. The objective would be to have effective security policy with less violations of American civil liberties. This is just the proposal, so please write it in a way that will intrigue the reader. Thank you for your hard work.

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