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Assignment Questions

Juish Ukranian Culture Growing up in 1960

points of personal essay:
1. begin by identifying your own culture which is growing up in Ukraine born in 1960 and lived until 1996 as Ukrainian -Jew ( moved to America after that )
2. write about what it was like growing up. it has been said that we learn more in the first six years of our lives than we do in the remaining years. tell your culture ( Ukrainian- Jew ) came from by writing about your specific events of childhood
3. describe at least 2 instances of stereotyping or prejudice you have experienced or observed. what happened? why was it racist or sexist or ageist or classist. please describe how being Jewish in Ukraine meant you could not get good grades in class, or could not go to good school even if you are brightest without bribe or paying off people. please include how free medical care didn’t actually become free. please describe Ukrainian culture and how hiding your Jewish culture was only the only way. write about what could not be shown and how people changed last-names in order to get places and have future for the children, please write what was a competent response? please write what made this competent? how did it influence the relationships involved?

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