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Assignment Questions

Law of Sales and the Uniform Commercial Code

Assignment expectations:

1. Explain – What is the UCC and how does it govern the sale of goods, in general?

2. Identify and explain the applicable UCC sections relative to Zabriskie Chevrolet, Inc.v. Smith, 240 A. 2d 195(1968).

3. Explain the public policy considerations that support the decision in the Zabriskie case and other cases like it.

4. Limit your papers to 4-5 pages.

Some general guidance:

The questions you are to answer are based on the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and its relation to “lemon laws.”

Examine the decision in Zabriskie Chevrolet, Inc.v. Smith, 240 A. 2d 195(1968), an excerpt of which may be found in the Required Reading.

Since you know the result of the case, it makes little sense to ask you to make a case on behalf of Zabriskie or on behalf of Smith. Instead, you are being asked to examine the details of the UCC and “lemon laws.”

Now, read, examine, and evaluate the background information. And using the internet and your cyber-library; read, examine, and evaluate any other information you might find that is relevant to the case you will build.

Flinn, M.(2004). Uniform Commercial Code Summary. AUTOPEDIA: The automotive encyclopedia. Accessed from(http://autopedia.com/html/HotLinks_LemonUCC.html).

Smith, Craig A. (2004). The Statute of Frauds. California Contract Law: Cases and Materials. Retrieved from: http://www.west.net/~smith/frauds.htm)

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