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Leading and managing a change in clinical practice 

Guidelines for Leadership & Management
BSC level Word Count 2,000 + / – 10%

Title ( Patient on ventilator and the usage of saline in performing suctioning )

Leading and managing a change in clinical practice


Step 1
You must select a clinical problem that you have observed in clinical practice, that requires change to impact on patient care. The problem must be described and explained in a succinct manner, referring to the literature. The reader needs to know why change is required.
Step 2:
Managing the change: Describe your vision for the benefits the change will make for patients/patients and their families. Explain the practices that need to be changed to overcome the problem. Using the fundamental theoretical concepts and principles underpinning the management of change, make a proposal that explains how the change will be proposed to clinical staff.
Step 3:
Your leadership: Introduce and explain one model of leadership referring to leadership theory, principles and behaviour. Show how you will use your leadership to motivate stakeholders and the team to introduce the change you have proposed.
Step 4:
You need to discuss a model of change management and to identify how you propose to implement this change in practice mentioning any barriers you perceive to this change and how to overcome them.
Step 5
Conclusion and recommendations

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