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Learning Outcome Reflection

Learning Outcome Reflection
The Walden University bachelor of science programs are based on a set of carefully crafted Program Learning Outcomes essential for success in your field of study. Each of your courses has been designed to achieve and measure those outcomes.

For this week’s Discussion, you review your Program Learning Outcomes in light of the knowledge and experiences you have gained throughout your program of study.

To prepare for this Discussion:

?Review the Program Learning Outcomes for your program listed within the Program of Study link in the left navigation bar.
?Select two Program Learning Outcomes that are particularly meaningful to you.
?Reflect on the courses you have taken within your program of study at WaldenUniversity that address those two Program Learning Outcomes.
By Day 4, post the two Program Learning Outcomes you selected. Then explain how you met these outcomes, and reflect on specific activities or assignments that helped you achieve these outcomes. Finally, explain how meeting these outcomes will help you practice within the field of public health and in your desired career position.

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