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Assignment Questions

Lessons the U.S Learnt In The Vietnam War Experience

This paper should be in word, times new romans, font 15. This is the assignment:

This written assignment deals with the lessons to be learned by the American experience of the Vietnam War.

This assignment deals with lessons learned in different arenas: diplomatic negotiations, presidential leadership, and cultural/social contexts.

With your historian’s hat on, briefly write the single most significant lesson you have learned for each of the three areas given above, with reference to what you have learned in the textbook for the whole course to date.

Because there are so many lessons to write in the narrow space of this assignment’s page limit, brevity is important. Write with precision, and limit yourself to a well-developed paragraph for each lesson. There is nothing like a limit of space to make you get to the point! The size limit of this assignment remains, like the others in this course, two to three pages double-spaced.

For a summary at the conclusion, write a short paragraph about what you have learned in our course as a practical historian, a “lesson learned” for yourself. What you have learned about yourself in the role of being an observor of Vietnam and 20th century events, and what do you value in studying the events of the world’s past?

You can use your own references.
This is the grading rubic:

1. 3 paragraphs (min 3 sentences each) about each of the lessons learned in the areas outlined in the assignments forum-30 pts
2. concluding paragraph that includes comments on: a) lessons learned as an historian b) what you have learned about being an observer of Vietnam and 20th century events and c) what you have come to value in studying the events of the past–30 pts
Total length should be a min of 1 full pg of text–you will be down graded if not this long.

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