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Assignment Questions

Literary research paper

The paper is a literary research paper for my english 102 class. I would like the paper to be on the themes that occur in the short story by Raymond Carver called “Cathedral” I know that there is a collection of short stories called Cathedral but the first story of the collection is called Cathedral. I would like the themes related to the short story its self, Carver”s life, and one or two stories in “Cathedral– the book of collected short stories”. There has to be 10 secondary sources (that are not the story) plus the story its self and the book Cathedral by Raymond Carver. There has to be 10-15 qoutes from the story and 8-10 qoutes from the secondary sources. THe sources have to be real and reputable sources(literary criticisms, books, not web sites sources). The paper has to be in MLA form.

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