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Assignment Questions

Literature in Informations System and Information Technology

This project is intended for you to search and study the literature in information systems and information technology (IS/IT), to obtain an understanding of the status, outlooks, and trends of the technology, business, and job market in this industry, as well as IS/IT jobs and functions in non-IT industries ? where many IS/IT professionals are hired.

For this project, you must conduct extensive search and studies of academic journals, trade publications, and business magazines concerning the field, and select one topic area

ANYTHING to do with IS/IT and their applications, identify the current status of certain technology (or application) and its trends, WITH APPROPRIATE SUPPORT EVIDENCE such as statistics, market shares, specifications and key features of major products, major vendors, success stories, etc. from industry/academic authorities on the topic area. This should help you to identify a field within IS/IT industries that you find interesting or important or both.

You are also expected to search, study, and summarize the job prospect, ideally in the topic area you study above, and present the
-statistics and forecasts,
-required and desired knowledge and skill sets,
-required education and/or certification, etc.
for various positions (such as system analyst, database administrator, network administrator, application programmer, ?). Please be as specific as possible. This should help you identify types of positions in the topic areas you are interested that you will likely to pursue after you obtain your IS degree at College.

Detailed requirements for the project report:

1.Typed with a word processor, in 12-point font size, line spacing double, with a length of report (body, not including references) being 5 FULL pages. SUBMIT a hard copy and a soft copy (saved on a 3.5? floppy disk) of your report (including references).

2.Required references (the numbers given are MINIMUM):
a.(2) articles from trade publications in IS/IT;
b.(4) articles from IS/IT Web sites (that do not fall in categories ?b? or ?d?);
c.(2) articles from business related magazines;
d.ideally 1 academic journal paper (optional);
e.All are published 2000 or later (one to two 1999 articles allowed but not encouraged. Exception: if you are working on a topic that deals with historical trend/evolution of a technology/application, it is legitimate that you go back further than 1999; but in that case you still need to have at least 1/3 of your articles 2000 or newer).
All references must be cited/referred to in the body of the report (in other words, if you do not cite/refer to a source in your report, do NOT include it in your references).

3.Contents of the report: please do not just talk without support from the literature. On the other hand, please do not just cut and paste words/sentences from the literature without summarization or your own comments.

4.The report must be free of spelling errors, and generally free of grammatical errors. Organization in sections is desirable.

5.Follow APA style.

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