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Assignment Questions

Management Issue Concerning Controlled Burning in Yellowstone National Park

2 parts- 3 pages total

Management issue concerning “controlled burning in Yellowstone National Park”.
The issue at hand is control burning versus natural fires in Yellowstone National Park.
Part 1: This is a 2 page “Management Options “ paper discussing the following
1)What options are available as a manager
2) What can Yellowstone National Park do about this current issue- fires in Yellowstone
3)What are the pros and cons to controlled burning in Yellowstone
Part 2: 1 page Recommendations analysis:
Based on the above options presented to Yellowstone National Park management team- What should Yellowstone National Park Management to do about this current issue of fires in Yellowstone and controlled burning?
State option- ( may not include more than two options)
Clear and complete justification for selection this option-
Why would this option work better than the other options-

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