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Assignment Questions

Managing and Enhancing Employee Performance

Dear Writer,
This is Oliver. My major is People Resourcing and Development. I need you help me write an essay.
Essay Topic.
?With regard to managing and improving employee performance (and motivating employees), the practice of performance appraisal is an organisational curse rather than a blessing?. Discuss this statement.

KEY POINT: For this question, student should demonstrate the ability to consider both the advantages and disadvantages of performance appraisal from the perspective of the organisation and the individual. And the essay must contact with lecture (PPT), I have sent PPT for you.
The essay should demonstrate relevant knowledge and understanding of topic.

? The marking criteria relate to the academic standards required to achieve a particular grade in light of the assessment criteria.

Assessment Criteria::
? Clear understanding of the question and includes the most pertinent points required for each of the two chosen essays.
? Good evaluation and/or application of factual knowledge, theories or models where relevant and appropriate.
? Evidence of extra reading beyond lecture material.
? Few significant errors or omissions
? Well written and structured.

Assessment Learning Outcomes:
? Analyse the role and effectiveness of HR strategies on attracting, selecting, developing, retaining and motivating people within the organisation.
? Compare and contrast a range of approaches to, and models or theories on human resourcing development and Vocational Education and Training systems in the UK.
? Evaluate contemporary developments in HRD activities, interventions and practice with regard to difference categories of employees and a range of different contexts.

Thanks for your help.

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