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Assignment Questions

Media Equation of Communication Theory

I need an Annotated Bibliography included with this paper. If there is an additional charge for this, that is fine. The Bibliography needs to be in MLA style and the MUST use Journal articles as the sources of information. Must include what the highlight means, what the purpose of the artilcle was , what the author was trying to accomplish, how they illustrated their accomplishments, experiments, what were the results of their study, what is the interpretation of the study? Write it up. Usually 100-150 words. You want to show the reader the relevance and quality of the article. The followin criteria is needed: 5-7 different journal sources that make application or test your chosen theory. A full citation using MLA. A description that summarizes each journal article. Original descriptions. A copy of the first page of each article.

The actual paper: The paper will be on the Media Equation of Communication Theory. It should be 6 pages in length. The paper require that you evaluate The Truman Show(movie) and apply the Media Equation Theory to the film.
Must Describe the Theory: Describe the theory in terms of a humanistic approach. Provide a solid explanation and support for thoughts. Be specific and tell why the approach is humanistic.

Evaluate the Theory: Critique this theory and argue whether the theory is good, bad or somewhere in between.

Apply the theory: Use The Truman Show and make application to the theory. Use examples from the movie that illustrate and support the argument to whether it is good, bad or average, in addition illustrating whether that it is humanistic.

If you have any questions, please email me at jd60007@cs.com The Annotated Bibliography is critical.

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