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Assignment Questions

Music and Jewish Worship

Analyze the music at a jewish worship service
Using the Merriam ethnomusicological model analyze the musical setting from a sonic, behavioral and conceptual perspective. Begin essay with introductory paragraph that includes focus of the essay and the musical topic. In body of essay in 400 words give background information about the music based on library research. borrowed material must be presented within quotation marks and all references must be included in bibliography
the main part of the essay 700 words must be an ethnographic narrative containing the following: 1)description of the audience members(ethnicity, gender, age) 2) a discussion of the musical sound(pieces sung or performed) 3)a description of the musical behavior of the audience members 4) a discussion of the musical concepts (emotional meanings and the function of the music. Include closing paragraph summarizing the insights from the worship service. In other words pretend that you have attended such a worship service
This essay is for an Intro to World Music Class
Ethnomusciology is an exploration of musical sound, musical concept and musical behavior and defined as the study of music as a cultural phenomenon.

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