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Assignment Questions

My Bio

1. With regard to the use of standardized tools for assessment of the older adult, list one advantage and one disadvantage.
Use quotes and make sure to not plagrize.

2. Please post a brief mini-bio about yourself here.
I am a mother of three children two boys and one girl. Husband of 14 years, and boxer dog. I graduated from City College senior high school in Baltimore, Md with high school diploma, see my resume resource file that I sent you for more information about me.

3.Assessing Your Learning Style.docx What is your learning style?
To My Surprise I am a Visual Learner
Identify your learning style and your VARK score.
I took the Learning Style inventory to identify my own learning style and to my surprise the results was Visual: 9, Aural: 9, Read/Write: 16, Kinesthetic: 13, a Visual Learner. The Visual learner needs to see all study material, and are good readers, but sometimes read too rapidly. Due to my receptive motor memory, after I have completed a task with my hands, I will be able to remember and complete the same task in the future even if it was only done once. When I study for exams I usually have to write the information over and over again, along with picturing it in my mind, and last saying it out loud. Every time I use this technique my grades would improve. I took the VARK Questionnaire and the outcome was Multimode, with a high preference towards the Visual Learning Style. There is no denying I am a Visual Learner like the majority of the population.

4. What was your score from the readiness assessment?
I scored a 77 and this score means 100 – 75: I should be well-suited for taking courses online. I am selfaware
and should easily navigate courses taken at a distance.

5. Are you ready for online learning?
I score a 20 out of 20 and this sore means •18-20 yes answers: I am a very good candidate for online learning.

6. List the strategy you are most likely to try to contribute to your success in this course?
Use the resource files I sent to answer this question.

7. Why are listening habits important?
Use the resource files I sent to answer this question.

8. What step is a priority for you?
Use the resource files I sent to answer this questions.

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