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Assignment Questions

Neighborhood of Manhattan between west 9th street to Washington square

Explain the neighborhood of New York Manhattan’s between west 9th street to washington square N between 5th and 6th avenues. So there is west 8th street and a little part of mac dougal street there.

Write that the neighborhood is filled with highly educated people. Mostly doctors(since there are so many doc offices there(plastic surgeon,dermatalogists, etc) mostly people there are, are around 40 years old.

Explain also that there are so many empty places and shops there such as barnes and nobles.(closed)
Allso explain that at the end of the west 9th street near 6th avenue there is a high end restaurant called The lion. That are is close to greenwich so it is more classy. Etc, etc.

+ write more about the area and the neighborhood, you can give some examples too.

If you use sources please send the website links, and do not use books as a source.
Thanks !

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