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Assignment Questions

NOVELS Barchester Tower Great Expectations and Villette

hi there.. here’s the task..

Write a these driven essay of approximately 1500 words in which you discuss one of the dualisms from the following list, as manifasted in 2 of these 3 novels: Barchest Towers, Great Expectations, and Villette. Your preliminary thinking should have two stages. First, think about the dualism you are proposing to explore for each author: does the author make this duality explicit in his/her work, or is it implied? Does s/he name it? Is it a dichotomy or some other kind of pairing? How does this author’s exploration of this concept help further or communicate the themes of his/her work? Is the author’s treatment of this duality consistent, or is it contradictory at any points? If so, how and why? Second: once you have some clear ideas about each author, then (and only then) think about the connections or links between them. How do these 2 authors’ views differ, and how are they the same? Is there some way to account for these similarities or differences? How do these differences or similarites help us understand better what each author is trying to communicate? You need NOT answer all of these “sub-questions”, they are given here as prompts to get your thoughts flowing.

as you plan your essay, please keep the following advice in mind:
1. Make sure your essay has a clearly articulated thesis statement.
2. Make sure you consider, and describe, why the issues you dicuss are important to the themes of the writings you analyze. Description or summary of the texts is not adequate-you must explain why the issues you discuss lead us to a better understanding of the literature.
3. Make sure you support your assertions with specific evidence from the texts: direct quotes, paraphrases, examples, etc.

Choose ONE of the following oppositions, and dicuss how it operates in EXACTLY TWO of the three novels:

-nature and nurture (inherited vs. acquired charactersitics)
-progress and tradition
-chance and fate/distiny
-activity and passivity
-nature and art
-reason and passion/emotion
-public and private
-chaos and order
-free will and dterminism

i have to hand in my copy by monday so can you make sure you have your completed version emailed to my by sunday night! please and thank you

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