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Assignment Questions

Nurses Deliver Wound Care Services

I am enrolled in a leadership class. Bachelor in Nursing. I have to write a change proposal paper about some change; for instance as, a manager at the hospital I decided to make a change using one of the theorists (Lewin, Lippitt, see below).At the hospital where I am working we do not have a wound care nurse. I am working on the orthopedic and post trauma floor as a staff nurse. We nurses do all woundcare. Some of the wounds are very serious and they require special knowledge to treat them. Therefore, I decided to write my assignment on this matter. I am a manager in the hospital, on the ortho, post trauma floor. I as a manager I decided to change this matter.(using one of the change theory). I want to have a certified wound care nurse so that she/he will take care only about wounds. The floor nurse will do their routine assignments.
Requirements that professor look for:
abstract, introductory page including thesis statement( professor stressed a lot on thesis statement, gave to us some handouts), 5 pages of body and reference page.
Identify and clearly define the Issue you wish to change.
Identify clearly the Stakeholders of this change.
Identify which Change Theory used (step by step in paper). Evidence of each step to produce the change described as the Issue.
cite research articles that describe how The Change is supported by evidence based practice.( 3 articles minimum).
Clearly explained how the Change will be supported with the organization and who is directing the change support.
APA 6th edition formatting required. 2 points per error.

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