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Assignment Questions

Organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry 

Atleast 1000 words in length with paragraph sections covering the major points. Include a broad introduction which sets the context for the essay and a conclusion summarizing the major points. The paper should be written in a manner that anyone can read and understand. Prepare a bibliography which list the sources used in the presentation following the APA sytle of citation. References must be inserted after the sentence where used. Encourgaged to used a range of resources. Atleast 3 internet sources.
1. Distinguish betwen the area of organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry and characterize the properties which are representative of each.
2. Identify the alkanes, alkenes,alkynes and distinguish the differences of each. Name and give the structural formual for each.
3. Explain polmerization.
4. Compare saturated organic compounds to those that are unsaturated.
5. Explain alcohols,phenols,ethers,halides,aldehydes,ketones, organic acids, esters and amines. Name and give the structural formula for each.

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