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Paper on Charles Dickens

I need a 2 page paper on Charles Dickens “Great Expectations” discussing specifically a passage in chapter 49 – pages 403-404. The passage begins with “I looked into” and ends with sence of “feeling” This is how it needs to be structured:
The passage may be primarily a description of setting or of character, an exchane of dialogue, or some combination of both. The assignment is to treat the passage as if a window through which the reader can be lead to an understanding of several important aspects of theme, tone, symbolism, and design in the narrative. Identuify the passage by plot, not by page number, although I might mention the chapter. Be sure to support the analysis with textual evidence.
Also th epaper needs to include how it resionates in the design of the novel (tone and specific language) It needs a couple of examples of before sages – example: this this is introduced earlier in chapter(whatever element the paper is discussing-tone design). If there are any questions please e-mail me I check my e-mail every morning and every night.
Thank you very much for your help
Gail Shelton

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